About YCF


The Youth Care Foundation (YCF), The Gambia is a registered, youth-oriented charitable non-governmental organization. Since its inception in 2004, YCF has been actively working to enhance the participation and development of young people in science and mathematics, and to promote interest in science and mathematics education. Beyond science and mathematics, YCF focuses on a healthy culture, leadership development and rights among youth in the Gambia.

This website gives a bird's-eye view of the current activities of YCF as well as an indication of its future programs and work in the Gambia. Be sure to check out the newsletter for regular updates.

The Gambia has a large population of young citizens. About 60% of the population is less than 30 years old and so it is clearly important to engage young people as agents for change.

The work of the Youth Care Foundation would not be possible without the support of funding partners and their commitment towards the implementation of our objectives.

Program Aim & Objectives Are

  1. To support education in Mathematics and Science, and to make citizens aware of the vital imprtance of Mathematics and Science in commerce, government and research
  2. To promote academic excellence among youth in Mathematics and Science
  3. To promote a healthy culture among the young population through education about the risks of HIV/AIDS, smoking, drugs and violence
  4. To encourage quality leadership and creative entrepreneurship among young people
  5. To promote girl child education, gender equality and human rights
  6. To render assistance and support to the orphans, handicapped, disabled and underprivileged children and youth

Mission Statement

YCF seeks the mobilization and active participation of citizens in the best practices that support educational excellence, improved welfare, a healthy culture and the development of young people in The Gambia.

Vision Statement

To empower youths intellectually, culturally, economically and morally through scientific knowledge, the acquisition of academic skills and service to mankind.

The YCF Uses the Following Approaches to Implement its Objectives

  1. Training and Development
  2. Consultation and Dialogues
  3. Research and Informal Dissemination
  4. Partnership and Informal contacts

Scopes and Services

  1. Project Conception and Designing
  2. Project Implementation and Monitoring
  3. Report Rendering and Appreciation
  4. Financial Development
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